Short Stories

Chloe After Dark

“He walked out on me!” Chloe sat in the bar with her closest friends, Blaire and Stephanie. The ‘event’, as she decided to call it, happened less than an hour before. It still didn’t feel entirely real. “We argued, I finally got cross about all the…the loans and debt…credit cards and things escalated.”
    “He didn’t hit you though, right?” Blaire asked.
    Stephanie gave her a look. “Really?”
    “What?” Blaire looked indignant. “It’s a perfectly valid question. Men can be assholes, especially when they’re pissed.”
    “He didn’t get…well…not pissed per se.” Chloe shrugged. “You know, just mad. Loud. We shouted at each other. That’s it.”
    “Nothing else?” Stephanie asked.
    “Jesus, you guys are more worried about how we fought than why we fought.” Chloe sipped her drink. It was her second martini in twenty minutes. She didn’t intend to slow down. “Did you hear me? Our debt is out of control! Most of it’s in my name too! I can’t believe I allowed this to happen. It’s so frustrating!”
    “I know…” Stephanie patted her hand. “I had practically the same thing happen to me when I divorced Phil.”
    “Yeah?” Chloe narrowed her eyes. “I thought you two had a pretty clean break. Didn’t he have to pay for half or something?”
    “Even half was a hell of a lot of money, hon.” Stephanie shook her head. “Look, I’ll get you in touch with this financial advisor I met. She’s a wizard with numbers. Totally got me back on my feet in no time. You’ll see, she can help.”
    “Wait,” Blaire said. “By all means, get the financial advisors number but seriously, you’re not in the same situation as Steph. I mean, she had a better job than you when this happened. You’re not pulling in enough for all your debt, are you, Chloe?”
    Chloe shook her head. “No…not really…I mean, my jobs aren’t consistent, you know? Fashion styling isn’t exactly a pot of gold industry.”
    “Exactly.” Blaire nodded. “You’re going to need something steady if you want any finance advisor type to help you out. These days you can lose half your stuff if a bailiff’s called in.”
    “Do you have any suggestions?” Stephanie asked. “I mean, she’s not exactly in the position to run out to find a new job…not quickly enough to make any real money.”
    “I might have a suggestion,” Blaire replied. “Something a little different and it’s evening work so you could still do your fashion jobs when you get them.”
    “What’re you talking about?” Chloe asked. “And how do you have a lead on anything work related?”
    Blaire smiled. “Hey, don’t be like that. I just got a promotion at work. I’m a production assistant on a new series and we’re always looking for fresh talent. This one’s calling out for an amateur, someone who can keep it raw and interesting.”
    “That doesn’t sound healthy,” Stephanie muttered.
    “Cool it, Steph.” Blaire waved a hand at her and turned to Chloe. “You should think about it. We call it Red Light FM. It’s a show where people call in and talk about sexual fantasies.”
    “Jesus, Blaire!” Chloe shook her head. “Are you joking? C’mon! First off, I have no experience with radio. Second, how am I supposed to just…just talk about that? On the air! With millions of people!”
    Blaire cleared her throat. “Well, our demograph isn’t quite that big…”
    “Regardless! No…” Chloe finished her drink and ordered another. “I think I’ll find another way to make some cash, thank you very much.”
    “Last point on it and I won’t push,” Blaire said. “It’ll pull in a pretty penny if it works out. Plenty for you to consider ‘steady’. Think about it. That’s all I ask, just think about it.”
    “I’m sure I don’t have to,” Chloe replied, “but thank you for the thought. I appreciate it…I guess.”
    Chloe let herself go and drank way too much but her friends ensured she got home okay. At two in the morning, she woke up to a spinning ceiling and a splitting headache. A bottle of water and two aspirin promised to help eventually but while she waited for them to kick in, her mind wandered to Blaire’s offer.
    Booze nibbled at her inhibitions and she seriously considered it. How bad could it really be? Extra money would be nice and no one would see her on the radio. It wasn’t like being a stripper or something. Talking on the air might be fun and with Daniel gone, it wasn’t like her evenings needed to be free.
    She fell asleep fantasizing about sharing intimate secrets over a microphone, leaning close so her lips brushed against the nylon windscreen. Her body reacted to the thought, even without a topic or words to accompany it. The result made her horny enough for a sexy dream and when she woke up around eleven, she was covered in sweat.
    Chloe made a cup of tea and sat in the lonely dining room, feeling the emptiness of her home. They’d been together for seven years and a heated argument ended it just like that. If only he’d been responsible with the credit cards or not taken out extra loans. He’d lost his high paying job at a restaurant after being replaced by someone cheaper.
    Unfortunately, he continued spending like he was still employed.
    The mail came around noon and Chloe flipped through past due notices and bills. Most of them she felt numb about but an official looking envelope nearly made her heart stop. A bailiff requested a payment plan for their debt. A friend dealt with one before and made it sound bad. Chloe never imagined she’d be in such a mess.
    Thanks, Daniel. You left just at the right time. Jerk.
    If she didn’t respond, they’d pay a visit and could technically take her stuff to pay off the debts. The thought made her cheeks burn. Of course, Daniel took most of his stuff but probably didn’t leave a forwarding address. She needed money and fast but she didn’t have another client for her job for another week.
    Something else had to happen and when she stopped panicking, Blaire’s offer whispered in her ear. Could I really do it? My drunken self was game…hm…I guess there’s no harm in giving her a call.
    “Hey, I didn’t expect to hear from you until two o’clock at least. You okay? The way you drank made me drunker.”
    “Very funny,” Chloe’s voice trembled as she spoke. “I need your help.”
    Blaire’s teasing tone changed to one of concern. “What’s going on?”
    “Were you being serious about the Red Light FM show? Or just giving Stephanie and me a hard time?”
    “Yeah, I was being serious but I thought you weren’t at all interested.”
    “Something changed my mind.” Chloe cleared her throat. “So…how much money are we talking about? And when can I start? When do I get paid? I need some details.”
    “Apparently.” Blaire paused a moment. “Well…it sounds like you need cash quick. Typically, we’re paying out by the week but…if you show some promise, I guess I can authorize daily payment for the first few shows. Then we’ll go back to weekly. Will that help?”
    Chloe sighed. “Yes, quite a lot.”
    “Did you get a letter from a bailiff?”
    Chloe froze. “How did you know?”
    “You were dead against it last night and now you’re all up for it. But instead of asking about the job itself, you asked about money and when you could start. Your debt’s so high you complained about it last night. It didn’t take much to guess.”
    “Well…you caught me.”
    “Are you sure you want to do this? You’re going to have to be pretty open to talk about this stuff.”
    “I’m sure. I even thought about it last night after I got home. I don’t think it sounds too bad.”
    “Alright, since you want to start right away, come by the studio tonight around eight. The show doesn’t start until nine but I need to get you ready for it. Lord knows I can’t turn you loose without some guidance.”
    “Thanks, Blaire. Really, I mean it.”
    “We’ll see how thankful you are when you get in here and start the work. Catch you later.”
    Chloe fell on the couch and considered her situation. The conservative part of her was terrified. What are you thinking? This is crazy! But another side said why not? It sounds like fun. The anonymity made it easier but the thought of sharing such intimacy with strangers, thrilled her.
    Wow…where’s this coming from? The idea made her smile. Best not to overthink it. Might as well just go with the flow and remember, Chloe. You need the money! Have fun, do what Blaire says and pay off those bills. If nothing else, it’ll help get your mind off Daniel. That counts for something, right?
    Absolutely…I hope.
    Chloe showed up at the studio ten minutes early. Blaire met her in the lobby, all smiles and bubbly excitement. “I almost can’t believe you came! I half thought you’d chicken out.”
    “Really?” Chloe felt nervous before but her friend’s doubt gave her some defiant courage. “I…you know, I’m good. I’ve got this.”
    “Of course you do!” Blaire took her by the arm and led her back to the elevator. She hit the down button and they bordered immediately. “So, you need some pointers I think.”
    “Pointers?” Chloe shook her head. “Are you kidding? I need more than some tips, Blaire! Jesus, I’ve never done anything like this before! Some training would be nice…at the very least! I mean, what do I say? How do I answer the phone? What’s off limits? I mean, it’s radio, right?”
    “Special time slot, we can get pretty crazy,” Blaire replied. “I want you to keep it natural, hon. Just go with the flow. They’ll call in and you’ll chat about your fantasies. Pretty simple really.”
    “For you maybe! Am I going to be alone?”
    “Nah, not at first. You’ll have someone to bail you out if you get in trouble. I think you’ll get the hang of it fast.”
    The elevator opened and Blaire led her off but Chloe stopped her. “Okay, I’m glad you have ultimate confidence, I really do. It’s nice but speaking straight up serious here, I need this to work. I need the money so I can’t screw up. So please, for my sake, help me.”
    Blaire looked her over for several moments and finally nodded. “I’ll tell you everything I’ve learned about being a radio personality. Speak clearly, don’t be afraid of the mic and have fun. The rest will come. Also, try to talk in that sexy voice you used when we were in college. Remember the one? You were trying to imitate Eartha Kitt, I think?”
    Chloe rolled her eyes. “Not Eartha Kitt. I was trying to sound like Lauren Bacall. I don’t want to sound silly.”
    “It’s entertainment, honey,” Blaire winked. “Just do what feels natural. The sound booth is over there, I’m going to introduce you to the screener and your back up. Then we’ll see what happens. This is going to be exciting. Our first show! Trust me, we’ve taken a survey and a lot of people are excited…” she grinned. “In more ways than one.”
    Chloe groaned, her shoulders slumping. “Introduce me to people, you freak. Before I lose my nerve.”
    They entered the studio space, just big enough for two people to sit across from one another. Each had a desk and a floating microphone to speak into. Laptops were ready to go at each location and off to the right, across from the door, was the engineer area where someone could screen calls and run the show.
    A guy in his thirties stood up to greet them. Brown hair was crazy about his head and he had a few days of facial hair. Blue eyes sat over high cheek bones and a solid jaw but he wasn’t big, definitely on the low side of a medium build. He smiled, making him far more handsome than when he was at rest moments ago.
    “Chloe, this is Thomas,” Blaire announced. “Thomas, this is Chloe, our new amateur.”
    “A pleasure to meet you.” Thomas shook her hand. “I can’t wait to work with you. Blaire said you’ve never done this before.”
    Chloe shook her head. “I haven’t. I’m pretty nervous actually.”
    “Don’t be. We all started off somewhere.”
    “Did you go to like…broadcasting school or anything?” Chloe asked.
    Thomas waved his hand dismissively. “Yeah, but it doesn’t really matter. I mean, it’s nice to have some education but ultimately, this business is about charisma and being easy to relate to. You’re here because people see through BS. They know authentic and nothing gets more authentic than someone who’s just as new to radio as the callers.”
    “And as you get more comfortable,” Blaire added, “the long time listeners will remember when you first started out. They’ll have grown with the show. That’s how it works. They like that development, you know?”
    Chloe nodded slowly. “Sure…I guess. So…I’ve got an idea. We’ve got some time. Do you guys mind running through a scenario? You know…role play what you imagine people will call about?”
    “A mock call?” Thomas asked.
    “Yes, exactly. I’d feel a lot better.”
    “Okay, so…have a seat, put on the head phones and we’ll make it authentic.” Thomas grabbed his cell phone. “I’ll go in the other room and call in. We’ll talk it through, right?”
    “Cool.” Chloe sat before one of the laptops and looked at the microphone like it was a loaded weapon ready to take her face off. Blaire came up and put the headphones over her ears and patted her shoulders.
    “Remember what I said,” Blaire spoke loudly. “Don’t be afraid of the microphone. It won’t hurt you. Trust me, you’re going to have a blast.”
    “Go easy on me, yeah?” Chloe gave Thomas a pleading look. He winked and left the room.
    Oh boy. Chloe took a steadying breath, closed her eyes and focused. Just be calm. This is the practice run!
    Blaire suddenly pointed at her. “You’re on! Go!”
    “Um…hi er…caller?” Chloe gave Blaire a wide eyed look. Her friend waved her hand as if to say keep going. “This is Chloe.”
    “Hi Chloe,” Thomas replied, his voice filling her ears. “First time caller, long time listener. Thanks for having me on the show. Listen, I hope you don’t think I’m too weird…I kind of have a crazy fantasy.”
    “Oh.” Chloe nodded. “I see. Cool. Um…right, so…what is it?”
    “So I’ve always had this shoe fetish, you see? And I really want to have a lady wearing six inch red heels to rub them on my cock. You know, not roughly…she needs to have some good control over her legs. I just want to be teased by the leather.”
    Chloe’s mouth dropped.
    “Are you there?” Thomas prompted.
    “Yeah.” Chloe cleared her throat. “Yeah, I’m here. So…heels. And shoes. I mean, a lot of guys like heels, that’s for sure. I can see how you’d think that’s hot.”
    “Do you wear heels?”
    “I…don’t often…no.”
    Blaire slumped.
    “Oh…” Thomas hummed. “That’s too bad. It’d be really hot if you were wearing them right now.”
    “Ah…oh! I mean, yes, I see…I was…just…kidding…you know? Ha-ha-ha…I’m totally wearing heels right now, you big silly.”
    “Cut!” Blaire waved her hands. “I can’t take anymore. Chloe, that’s not just rough, it’s bad. You need to loosen up, girl! Think on your feet. You’re usually so witty when we hang out. What just happened there?”
    “I got nervous?”
    “It was just Thomas!”
    “Who I only met a few minutes ago! He’s cool and all but c’mon, Blaire!”
    Blaire turned away, head bowed. “Hm…I’ve got an idea and lucky for both of us we have plenty of time. Let’s go.”
    “Where’re we going?” Chloe stood up too quickly and the headphones yanked her hair. “Ouch!” She pulled them off and set them on the table and rushed out. “What do you have in mind?”
    “We’re going upstairs to the TV studio. They’ve got clothes you can borrow until tomorrow. I’ve got some budget to get you a few things to help.”
    “Like what?”
    “Just…trust me.” Blaire patted her shoulder. “Think of it as method acting.”
    They hurried through the second floor, past newsroom sets and offices. Blaire unlocked a room, flipped on the light and let them into a wardrobe with hundreds of outfits all hanging on racks occupying the center of the room. She left Chloe at the door and marched through the room, grabbling two things before returning.
    “Take these in the dressing room over there and put them on.” Blaire handed her a satin red dress with a short skirt and a shoe box. “I’ll wait here but hurry up.”
    “Okay…” Chloe complied, heading into the dressing room and stripping down. The dress tickled her skin as she pulled it on and barely covered her ass. The shoes were a touch too big and the three inch heels gave her pause. “Um…Blaire, these shoes…”
    “Are not tall enough for our needs, I know but they’ll work for today. Come on out!”
    “I feel a little ridiculous!”
    “I never dress like this!”
    “Fantasy, remember? We’re not going to talk about flannel jammies…unless someone has a very unique fetish.” Blaire came over and opened the door, making Chloe jump. “You look fine. Let’s get back to the studio and try again.”
    They started back and it took Chloe most of the way to get used to walking in the shoes. As they walked, Blaire gave her some more tips. “When you answer the phone, say ‘you’re on Red Light FM. Tell me what you wouldn’t tell anyone else.’”
    “Why didn’t you say that before?”
    “I just thought of it now. New, remember? If you’re able to do this, you might even come up with something better…you’ll make it your own. I hope.”
    “Maybe you’re right…maybe I can’t…”
    “Stop.” Blaire interrupted. “You want to try, we’re going to try. You can’t give up until we’ve really done it. Deal?”
    Chloe nodded, not looking entirely convinced.
    They returned to Thomas who smiled as they entered. He whistled. “Wow…you got a tiny makeover.”
    “It’ll be more profound tomorrow,” Blaire said. “One more thing, Chloe. Don’t stammer. When someone tells you something, smile before you answer and just ask questions if you don’t have anything else to say. Start with when they first considered their fantasy or something like that, okay?”
    “Blaire, how’re you so good at this?” Chloe asked. “And why aren’t you on the radio?”
    “Cause I’m going to be in the booth as the screener and producer. Take a seat and let’s get some callers. Thomas is going to introduce the program and he’ll help out with anyone with male fantasies. Everyone ready?”
    “We’re going on now?” Chloe’s eyes went wide. “No more trials?”
    “Nope, next one is going to be on the air. You were always a fast learner in college. Let’s take that to the next level here.”
    Chloe put her headphones on just as some smooth, jazzy music started playing. A light appeared in the on air sign and Thomas leaned forward to speak. “Evening, everyone and welcome to Red Light FM, your only live outlet for late night erotic fantasies. My name’s Thomas and I’m here with my cohost Chloe. We’re ready to hear what you’ve got to say.”
    Blaire’s voice filled the headphones for a moment. “We’re getting some callers but I’m screening them really fast. You’ll see their names on your laptops. Thomas, fluff up for a bit.”
    Thomas nodded. “Do you ever find yourself with hot thoughts in your head but there’s no one to talk to about them? All those days at work when you look at someone and think ‘wow, I love the way her skirt grips her ass’ or you see someone famous on a web site and wonder ‘what would they be like in bed?’
    “We can talk about anything you want like that and we’ll share some of our own too. Just inspire us and we’ll make this a collaboration. Now, most of you listening have heard our other shows before so you know they start off a little rough while we scoot into our niche. Chloe’s a first timer here. Don’t give her a hard time, she’ll get the hang of it quick enough.”
    “I’ve got a couple callers on your screens,” Blaire said. “Thomas, why don’t you take the first one? It’s a middle aged woman out of Hamilton who has a thing for the mailman.”
    Thomas tapped the phone and smiled before greeting her. “Hello, Maggie, you’re on Red Light FM. I understand you have a thing for men in uniform. Let’s talk…”
    “Hi Thomas, oh my goodness! I’m so nervous!” Chloe felt some empathy for the woman. She knew exactly how she felt. “I don’t even know where to start!”
    “How about the beginning? When did you first time you found yourself attracted to a sharp dressed man?”
    “Oh, it was a year or so ago when I got pulled over for speeding.”
    “Whoa, Maggie. You’re a quick one, huh?” Thomas chuckled. “I thought you were into the mailman?”
    “But it started with the policeman. He was so…so…commanding. The way he asked for my license, I got chills! After him, I started to notice men in uniform and from there, I took it a step further. My fantasy I mean.”
    “Tell us about it.”
    “Okay, oh…are you sure? I’m nervous!” The woman chortled.
    “Yeah, go for it, Maggie.”
    “So the other day, I saw him come up to my door and deposit the mail. I was sitting on the couch and…well…so what I say in my fantasy is… ‘do you have anything special for my slot?’”
    “You’re quite the minx!” Thomas replied. “How about I play the mailman? How’s that sound?”
    “Oh! Would you?”
    “Of course. Start it up.”
    “Do you have anything special for my slot?”
    Thomas feigned innocence. “Surely, I don’t know what you mean…”
    “I think you know…a special delivery maybe? Cause I’ve got just the box for you.”
    Chloe couldn’t believe the outrageous and obvious innuendos. She admired Thomas. He proved to be a master of taking this silliness in total stride.
    “Well,” Thomas lowered his voice to whisper conspiratorially. “I do have a special delivery I suppose…something just for you. Describe what you’re wearing Maggie…”
    “I’m just sitting here in my red panties and bra, waiting for you to take care of me.”
    “We can leave this uniform on and take this right here in your living room, right?”
    “Oh, Thomas! That was amazing!” Maggie gasped. “I’m…really excited!”
    “You going to do anything about that? I think the listeners out there would love to know you went away happy.”
    “Yes indeed!” Maggie exclaimed. “I’ve got my little buzzy friend and I’m taking care of things right now.”
    “You have fun, doll!”
    Blaire’s voice piped in the headphones. “Next one’s yours, Chloe. A guy who wants to make out with the perfume counter lady.”
    Chloe regarded the screen, found the button to press and hit it. “Hello Aaron, you’re on the air with Red Light FM…this is Chloe. What’s going on?”
    “Hi Chloe,” the guy sounded young, maybe in his twenties. “I’ve always had this crazy idea since I was a teenager, about really making out with one of the older ladies at the perfume counter.”
    “Yeah?” Chloe nodded, thinking back to what Blaire said. “So…when did that start?”
    “Um…when I was a teenager.”
    Chloe’s cheeks flushed. “Right, sorry…What do you like about the idea? Is it the smells?”
    “The way they dress,” Aaron replied. “They look so…sophisticated but kind of cheap too. Too much makeup. Cause they’re selling something.”
    Chloe couldn’t speak for a moment. She certainly didn’t think perfume counter people looked cheap but then, this was a fantasy. “I see. Do you want to like…make out with them at the store? Right there?”
    “In public?” Aaron hummed. “I guess so. With all those people?”
    “Malls can be sexy.” Chloe shrugged, half believing the comment. “All the new stuff…people hurrying all around you…they might not even notice right away if you…you know, kissed her.”
    “I guess…” Aaron said. “Though honestly, I think I’d rather take her in the back room. Be in private. Have her treat me like…well…like…she was watching me for my mom or something…You see, I’ve always had a thing for this lady my mom hangs around with and she worked one of those places.”
    “Ah, so is it just slightly older women that you like? How old is she?”
    “In her fifties.”
    “Got it. And so it makes you excited to be with someone your mom’s age?”
    “Well, since you put it like that…” Aaron sighed. “I didn’t think of it that way.”
    “It can still be sexy, right?” Chloe tried to recover. “Older women dress better than younger. They have more class. And I think you like the idea of being with a classy gal.”
    “I…don’t think so.” Aaron cleared his throat. “Um…thanks.”
    The call disconnected and Chloe closed her eyes. Damn it!
    Thomas took the next call while Blaire spoke to Chloe. “Hey, for a very first time that wasn’t too bad. You got close. And less stammering too. You’ll be up in a minute so just relax and realize you’ve gotta start someone, okay?”
    Chloe nodded, desperately trying not to beat herself up. Older woman fetish? I don’t even know how I could’ve made that one okay! But it doesn’t matter. The next one will be better. I swear it!
    “Next one’s Chloe’s,” Blaire said. “It’s a guy who likes the idea of high powered lawyers. It’s…an oral thing.”
    “What’s that mean?” Chloe asked. “Seriously, what’s that mean?”
    “You know.” Blaire pointed at her. “You’re up!”
    “Thank you for calling Red Light FM. I’m Chloe,” she paused, took a deep breath and let herself go. No overthinking, no ridiculous overanalyzing. Just be sexy. She lowered her voice. “I understand you’ve got a thing for the law.”
    “Oh yeah…those really hot legal chicks with the suits and heels? They really do it for me.”
    “What’s your name, sweetheart?”
    “Glad to meet you, Doug. I know what you’re talking about. Pencil skirts and suit jackets are pretty sexy. They can stir the blood with the power and control they represent. Give a woman fantastic shape too. But it’s not just secretaries for you. You like the educated woman.”
    “Definitely.” Doug’s breathing was a bit heavy. “Can I tell you what I’d like?”
    “That’s why we’re here, baby. Talk to me. What kind of trouble do you want a lawyer to get you into?”
    Chloe couldn’t believe what she heard from herself. The letting go thing really worked!
    “I want to go into one of their offices with a problem, something minor like…like a traffic fine gone too far, you know?”
    “Ooo, I hope you don’t like going too fast.”
    Doug laughed. “No, darling. I sure don’t. I like to take things slow and deliberate. I imagine myself all stressed out and sitting in the chair so this hot babe comes around her desk and rubs my shoulders.”
    “Just taking care of a few knots for you, honey. Relax.”
    “Exactly…” Doug’s voice trembled. “Then, she comes around because it doesn’t work…”
    “I think we need to take this to the next level. I’m going to give you my special client’s deal.”
    “Oh God…” Doug said. “So she opens my pants…”
    “Dragging the zipper down really slow…Totally teasing you. Oops, am I making you more tense?”
    “In a good way, Ma’am.”
    “That’s right, you should definitely call me ma’am. I mean, we’re going to get you out of a lot of trouble so I deserve it. And when your pants are open…what then?”
    “She…er…you take my cock out.”
    “Grip it around the shaft and bend down…” Chloe inhaled slowly through her teeth. “I think I see where this is going, Doug. You want a hot educated woman to give you a blow job right there in her office.”
    “Yes…oh God yes…” Doug was clearly taking care of himself. Chloe smirked. I wonder how far I can go…
    “So you just close your eyes a moment and imagine this beautiful woman with her red lipstick surrounding your cock with her lips, taking you in nice…and deep…”
    “Whoa! God! Wow!”
    “You okay, sweety?”
    “I just…well…” Doug cleared his throat. “That was amazing, Chloe! Thanks!”
    The line went dead. Chloe spoke before Thomas could. “There you go, folks. A satisfied fantasy. We’re waiting for the next caller so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone.”
    Thomas chimed in, “we’re going to take a short break but will be right back.”
    Music started playing and Blaire came out of the booth.
    “How’d you do that?” She asked.
    “I…guess I just…let myself go.” Chloe blushed. “I pretended to be what you’re talking about.”
    “It worked,” Thomas said. “Doug would give you a good review.”
    “You keep that up and we’ve got a show,” Blaire said. “We’re on for another hour so let’s see how many we can bust out in that time. Good work! I told you this wouldn’t be too hard!”
    “I appreciate the confidence.” Chloe took a deep breath. “I’ll try to keep up the momentum.”
    “Do too well and I’ll be calling you,” Thomas teased. “I’ll get us some water and we’ll dive back in. Let’s make the rest of this show sizzle.”
    Chloe still had a few foibles but ended the night well. She and Thomas worked with a man who wanted to get a hand job from the pharmacist, a woman desperate to lick a movie star, and a butcher interested in putting his sausage in the meter maid’s coin slot. Others called in to talk to them about various other topics, some sexy, some just questions.
    All around, she felt pretty good about the evening and Blaire encouraged her as they finished. “If this is how you are tomorrow night, I’m telling you, you’ll be a sensation here. It only gets better, right?”
    “I sure hope so.” Chloe stretched. “I’m exhausted though…I think I need to get home.”
    “I’m glad to work with you.” Thomas shook her hand. “See you tomorrow!”
    “Hey, Blaire,” Chloe pulled her aside, “about the cash…”
    “I’ll have it to you tomorrow morning. You can deposit it and call that bailiff up. Set a reasonable payment plan and we’ll keep working it off.”
    “Thanks again. I’ll talk to you then.”
    Chloe slept like a baby that night and when she got up, Blaire followed through on her promise. The bailiff proved to be quite reasonable and helped her set up a payment plan. With one stress out of the way, she focused on trying to do better at her new job while waiting for her daytime gig to pick up as well.
    Blaire used some discretionary money from the studio to buy Chloe a few sexy things including a couple pairs of stockings, some heels that fit her and a couple scandalous dresses. When she tried them on before heading to the studio, she admitted she felt pretty hot. The feeling bolstered her confidence, which already had some help from her successes the night before.
    Chloe didn’t feel any dread when she arrived at the studio this time. She’d been through the scariest part and come out the other side. Now, she focused on having fun and entertaining people. At some point between the first call and the moment she sat down on day two, she realized that was the overall point.
    It seemed simple but embracing it helped a lot.
    Thomas complimented her on her look and they got down to business, knocking out fifteen calls during their time on the air. None of them really shocked her this time and they remained straightforward, playful little ideas. Half way through, Chloe realized she took Blaire’s advice wholeheartedly and just had fun.
    After a week of working with them, Chloe found herself settling in like a real professional. She built her radio personality and stuck to it, maintaining consistency from call to call, night to night. The money turned out to be better than she anticipated and they transitioned her to weekly pay shortly after the fifth show.
    Chloe showed up on the Monday of her third week and prepared herself for another night of sexy antics but the first call caught her off guard.
    “You’re on Red Light FM, the home of your desires,” Chloe said, “what can we call you?”
    “How about Mystery Man?” The man’s voice sounded odd, like the connection wasn’t one hundred percent established. She’d heard that before when people used computer phones so didn’t pay it any mind.
    “Ooo, I like mysteries. Sure. What can we do with you tonight?”
    “I’ve got a lot of fantasies but…I really hoped you might tell us yours.”
    “Mine?” Chloe smiled. “My goodness, no one’s asked me that before but why not? You got any suggestions of where I should start? A place? A type? Anything?”
    “How about a restaurant?”
    Chloe considered the request for a moment. “I have to admit, I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for playing at a restaurant. I imagine looking across the table into my man’s eyes, really making that solid eye contact. I slip off my heel and run my stocking-covered toes up his leg. I love that we have to maintain some semblance of propriety since we’re in public but I’m flirting physically with him right there.”
    “Get him all hot and bothered…but what then?”
    “Let’s make it really interesting,” Chloe replied. “After we’ve eaten and had our dessert, shift around and slip off my panties. I motion to the lady’s room and drop them on his lap as I head in there. A few minutes later, he joins me and I’m leaning against the counter. My fella tosses the skirt up over my back and I’m naked down there, just waiting for him…wet and hot…”
    “And he puts his hands on your hips and presses his cock into you,” Mystery Man said. “Nice and slow…you said you like it slow before, right?”
    “I want to feel every detail of my man entering me, that’s right. It’s hot as hell.”
    “You hot now?”
    “You first, darling.” Chloe teased. “How’s your cock doing there, mister?”
    “Rock hard, honey.”
    “You going to do something about that?”
    “In my mind, I’ll be in the lady’s room,” Mystery Man replied. “And I’ll be thinking of you, Chloe.”
    “Turns me on more than you know, baby but we’ve gotta move on.”
    “I hope to talk to you later…” Mystery Man said. “Thanks for the chat.”
    Chloe talked about a few of her fantasies with callers before but they never directly asked her like that. She figured it would take a while before she heard everything at least once but this particular gig, this show might never exhaust the things people came up with. The fantasies sometimes overlapped but they always had something a little different.
    People’s tastes varied greatly after all.
    The rest of the night, she wondered about the Mystery Man and what all his fantasies were. He said he had a lot. Would he call back soon? She hoped so. Something about the way he talked, even in that short time he was on the phone, got to her. After work, when she got home, she dreamt about her fantasy, taking it to the logical conclusion.
    Not only did Mystery Man fill her up with his hard cock but he really gave her a workout, pounding her pussy for a good five minutes. He reached around and teased her clit and the taboo nature of their location and the wordless exchange leading up to their tryst drove her crazy. Just as she was on the verge of a climax, her cell phone woke her up.
    A damn marketing call. Really bad timing!
    Hot and bothered, she threw herself through a shower and prepared for another day. Part of her wanted to take care of herself, to masturbate in the shower at the very least but she refrained. If I’m a little turned on for the show, it’ll be even sexier. Still, talking about her fantasy made her consider an exchange with callers, finding the right people to get both their ideas out there and maybe combine them.
    Chloe promised herself to make that night’s show really sizzle.
    Mystery Man didn’t call that night but Chloe brought her A game to the table. She talked to a guy who wanted a threesome so she put another person on the air with them and they talked through a fantastic scenario at a public library. Another person wanted to sleep with their barista so she talked about wearing the apron and nothing else, sucking them off while they tried to read the morning paper.
    They received some repeat callers, people who had new ideas or merely wanted to amend their previous ones. Some of them built elaborate ideas which went above and beyond anything Chloe thought of. However, the longer she did the job, the easier she found it to play off of people’s fantasies and take them to a level that thrilled them.
    A lot of people got off while on the air and according to a poll management issued,Red Light FM became a favorite program of the station. They didn’t always help people get all the way to climax but when it happened, they celebrated the moment and boosted the people up, making them feel okay about what happened. Such situations could easily be embarrassing.
    Thomas took a call where a girl wanted to be humiliated by her boss and black mailed into sex…then Mystery Man called back.
    Chloe’s heart leaped in her chest as she heard his voice, the same poor connection she’d come to recognize. “Good evening, Mystery Man,” she said, “I’m glad to hear from you again. I wondered when I would.”
    “I thought I’d share one of my fantasies if that’s okay.”
    “I’m all ears.”
    “I’ve been thinking about running into a woman at the grocery store and when our eyes meet, we have that instant connection people talk about, you know? The one where we just hit.”
    “I’ve seen it on TV,” Chloe said. “Two souls come together and feel like they know each other.”
    “Maybe they’re even soul mates,” Mystery Man replied. “We keep seeing each other throughout our shopping experience, each one getting roughly the same things so we consistently have to interact until finally, we meet at the check stand. She’s in front of me so I really check her out.”
    “What’s she wearing?”
    “You tell me.”
    “A short black skirt so when she bends over to get things out of her cart, you can almost see her panties. The top’s a tight tee shirt and she’s got some chunky heels, sensible but sexy.”
    “Yes…exactly…and I’m wearing gray slacks and a button down shirt. Our eyes meet again and it’s obvious, we’ve been thinking about each other the whole time we’ve been shopping.”
    “So much so it’s hard to remember everything we need,” Chloe interjected herself into the fantasy. “And I start to wonder if you’re going to ask for my number.”
    “And when I do…”
    “I play hard to get.”
    “Ah, really?” Mystery Man chuckled.
    “Just a little, baby.” Chloe smiled. “But when I finish paying, I wait by the door…our last chance encounter.”
    “My last ditch effort.”
    “Do you ask?”
    “I try to pretend not to see you…”
    “But you do.”
    Mystery Man sighed. “God, yes…I do.”
    “And what do you say?”
    “You sure you don’t want to give me that number?”
    “Will you really call me?”
    Mystery Man paused. “Yes…of course. Why wouldn’t I?”
    “Men like to play games.”
    “I only play the fun ones.” Mystery Man hesitated, then continued. “The ones we’re both on board with.”
    “Sounds exciting.”
    “Hopefully sexy.”
    “That too.” Chloe chuckled again. “Okay, here’s my number but you’d better call…”
    “I will.”
    “Talk to you soon, Mystery Man.”
    “You’d better believe it.”
    When the show ended later, Blaire took Chloe aside. “Your chemistry with that Mystery Man guy is incredible! Seriously, where’d that come from?”
    “I don’t know…I’ve been fantasizing about him. A lot.”
    “Really?” Blaire’s eyes went wide. “Wow! That’s awesome in a way. He’s got the entertainer really working!”
    “It’s hot…I don’t know why. Our conversations…they’re snappy.”
    “Like your last one, like you’ve got a connection.”
    “We must.” Chloe shrugged. “Oh well. It’ll make the show more exciting, right?”
    “Damn right! Keep that up, Chloe! Our ratings are amazing!”
    “See you soon, Blaire. Have a good night.”
    Chloe finally gave in and masturbated that night. She closed her eyes and imagined the second part of her meeting with Mystery Man. He’s called her and they met up. The particulars of the date whizzed by until they sat on a couch at his place. They kissed, a deep passionate affair that ended with him dropping to his knees and pulling her panties aside.
    She visualized him licking her clit, really working her over as she rubbed herself in tight, quick circles. The little experience took less than ten minutes before she writhed around, arching her back as a mind numbing orgasm gripped her muscles and stomach. As she settled in to sleep, she felt content and happy. Everything fell into place and finally, she felt secure.
    But one thing was missing…and she really wondered if Mystery Man might be someone she was supposed to meet. The connection was there after all…and she couldn’t deny it but then, she was entirely too practical to take a crazy risk…better to just relax and have fun than do something wild for a thrill.
    Chloe spent the next month at the job, talking about the wildest stuff people could come up with. Mystery Man called every other night at eight forty-five like clockwork. They progressed their story. First from the grocery store to an innuendo filled date at a coffee shop to dinner and eventually, they culminated in a night where she went home with him.
    “I pull you through the door, holding your hand,” Mystery Man said. “Pressing my lips to yours, finding your tongue…”
    “Yes…” Chloe gasped. “I surrender, melting into you, returning the kiss, clinging to your shoulders…”
    “I grip your ass…”
    “My body tenses…”
    “We move to the couch and I turn you around, dropping to my knees…”
    Chloe inhaled sharply as he started to describe her fantasy and when he mentioned pulling aside her panties, she wondered if the man might be psychic. “I go down on you, paying special attention to your clit right in the center…that’s how you like it, right?”
    She’d mentioned it to another caller before and before she realized it, she was nodding her head, casually caressing her nipple with a free hand. A voice in the back of her mind (or maybe it was Blaire’s) told her to talk. “Yes, that’s right…I love that.”
    “Just imagine, I can do it for a long time.”
    “But I want to feel you inside me…”
    “You will.” Mystery Man chuckled. “You just have to be patient.”
    “I’m not sure how patient I can be.”
    “I guess we’ll find out.”
    The line went dead and Chloe flopped back in her chair, half tempted to touch herself right then. Thomas and Blaire be damned, she didn’t care. This turned her on! So much so she related her fantasy to the world before the next caller.
    Chloe took a deep breath before saying, “I’d love to just pull my panties off right now in front of Thomas and my producer and take myself over the finish line, everyone. That last call was hot!”
    “You really should,” Thomas teased. “But no, we’ve got another caller. Helen from Port Hope, you’re on the air. You wanted to talk about your dog groomer?”
    “Yeah, he’s a real keeper. Somewhere around sixty, he’s got to know what to do with his wiener.”
    Chloe chuckled and settled in for the rest of the night.
    When the show ended, Blaire was already gone. “Do you know where she went?” Chloe asked Thomas.
    “No, I just assumed she’s busy tonight.” Thomas shrugged. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”
    “Cool…” Chloe went about her night and headed back in the next evening. When she arrived, another woman sat in her seat. She frowned and tried to find Blaire, who hadn’t shown up yet. She did find Thomas who was at the water cooler. “Hey, what’s going on?”
    “Hm?” He looked up, wide eyed.
    “The lady in my seat. What’s going on?”
    “Um…I don’t know. I thought you might’ve been sick or something.”
    Chloe scowled and got out her phone. She called Blaire who answered on the third ring. “Hello?”
    “What the hell’s going on, Blaire? Who’s the lady taking my spot?”
    “Oh…I’ll be there in a few minutes and we can talk.” Blaire cleared her throat. “Literally, just give me five.”
    “The show starts in fifteen!”
    “Yeah, I know. Relax. I’ll be there soon.”
    Chloe paced as she waited and when Blaire showed up, she set on her like a rabid dog. “What the hell, Blaire? You’re supposed to be my friend! Why wouldn’t you at least tell me that I’m being replaced?”
    “Settle down, Chloe. You’re not being replaced.” Blaire patted her shoulder. “But I thought you might want tonight off.”
    “I don’t. This is one of the nights Mystery Man calls. I don’t want to miss it.”
    “He’s not going to call tonight.” Blaire sighed. “I…think you should…well…meet him.”
    Chloe’s eyes bulged. “Are you joking? Blaire, it’s just a fantasy, girl! I’m just having fun. Like you told me to!”
    “Yeah, well…I brought him down.”
    “You what??” Chloe’s mouth went dry and she couldn’t believe her ears. “I don’t even know what to say!”
    “You will in a moment.” Blaire led the way to one of the offices and opened the door for her. “Go on in.”
    Chloe walked in and stopped dead in her tracks. There, standing in front of the desk, was her ex-boyfriend. Daniel!
    “What?” Chloe shook her head. “Are you…what is this?”
    “Hey, Chloe…” Daniel smiled. He looked fantastic. Dark hair wild about his head, blue eyes sparkling with humor and his body. Christ, he always had such a fantastic figure. “Mystery solved.”
    “You?! But…but why?”
    “I couldn’t think of another way to win you back, doll.” Daniel stepped closer. “And lord knows I wanted to.”
    “But I don’t get it. You’ve been calling me…why not for real?”
    “I didn’t even know what to say but together on the air…it worked out. We kind of worked it out. I feel like I’m reminded why we fell in love.”
    “I just…I don’t know…you left so abruptly…”
    Daniel nodded. “I’m sorry…about that…about everything. I screwed up, I admit it. I’ll make amends, I promise.”
    Chloe considered his words for a moment, not quite willing to forgive him just yet. “What’ve you been doing with yourself? Because we can’t go back to the same debt nonsense we were in before. I’m just getting a handle on it all.”
    “Say no more.” Daniel gestured up. “I work here in the TV studio now making more than I did before.”
    “Doing what?” Chloe tilted her head.
    “Cooking show. It’s wildly popular too!” Daniel grinned. “Seriously, it’s way better than the restaurant too.”
    “No way!” Chloe shook her head. “I can’t believe it.”
    “You never did watch much TV,” Daniel replied. “But anyway, I hoped you might come have a drink with me…talk about a potential job.”
    “I’m not sure…I mean, we said some pretty horrible things to each other.”
    “And I know we can get past them.” Daniel took a step forward. “If you’ll give me a chance. Besides, I have a potential job I’d like to discuss with you…something else you can be doing.”
    “What do you mean?”
    “I thought you might want to do some style work for my show…it would keep your evenings free to continue to do this if you wanted.”
    Chloe hummed. “And us? What’re you thinking about that?”
    “I want to work it out,” Daniel replied. “I can help pay the debt now and we can save just like you wanted before. Our combined incomes will set us up. We’re good to go and I’ll make that last argument up to you, I swear. I want to try and if you’ll give it a go with me well…I figure we can talk it over and fix it.”
    “I…kind of do.”
    “See? You want the night off, right?” Blaire asked.
    Chloe nodded and took Daniel’s hand. “I’ll see you later, Blaire.”
    “Have a good time, you two.” Blaire waved as they left. Chloe felt her heart hammering in her chest. They had a real chance to make things work and she hadn’t realized just how much she missed the man. As they left the studio and headed to a nearby bar, she looked forward to living out the conclusion of their mutual fantasy together, this time for the rest of their lives.
    That’s my fantasy. Reconciling with my boyfriend, living happily ever after, finding peace together after months apart. As it’s coming true, I have to tell you all, this is Chloe from Red Light FM signing off. Hugs to all and good night.